Learn to create custom hacking tools with Python

Even if you don't have much programming experience you can quickly and easily learn how to make custom hacking tools in Python.  In hands on projects, participants will learn to create hacking tools and hack into a target system with them.

With just a few lines of Python it is easy to create a port scanning tool, scan and manipulate HTTP, create a brute force login tool, crack password hashes, create a key logger, and sneak malware (such as a key logger) past most anti-virus programs.

This course will guide its participants through setting up their own training environment including a target to hack.  Participants will then gain hands on experience writing their own hacking tools in Python with easy to understand instructions and examples.

While this was designed to be presented in person as a training class at TheLab.ms hacker space, there is no reason why it could not be used as self led online training.  Much of this material was borrowed from Sam Bowne @sambowne (see About page).  So, please feel free to take it from me like I took it from Sam and do with it what you wish.