Requirements for this class

This class has been crafted for participants using a Kali Linux 2016 Live environment running on either a physical or virtual machine.  You can download a copy of the Kali Linux distribution here: Kali Linux Download

USB sticks with a Kali Linux boot image will be available for use by students. These can be purchased for those wanting persistence (ability to save files).

Loaner laptops will also be available for any students who need them.

The machine you are running Kali Linux on should have basic web internet access in order to be able to download the class files.  You can download the class file installation script here:

If you are running in a Live (non-persistent) environment and wish to save the files you create during the class you should have either an external storage device or access to a cloud based storage service to save your work to.

Since the target server used for the attacks in this class has been configured to be your own device loopback (using scripts that will remain available for download after the class) you can practice any time without any additional access grants or technical requirements.